Stressed Out Over Selling your Home? You’re Not Alone

Which is more important to your life or your money?

This was the question homeowners were asked when they were offered the choice of selling their home to an iBuyer to receive an instant cash offer, or to sell it to an agent.

Guess what?

While 62 per cent answered that they wanted to get the highest possible price for their home, 38 percent preferred simplicity, speed, and certainty to more money.

According to 1000watt, a recent survey, “Your money, or your life: How homeowners view iBuying,” revealed that many people don’t want the hassles, headaches, and disruptions that traditional home sales can bring. 77% of respondents said that they would “probably” or maybe pay 5-10% less to buy their home, in order to avoid the hassles of traditional sales and instead get the certainty of an instant cash offer. The survey found that iBuyers such as Selling House solve a problem that home sellers face: the stress associated with traditional sales. Over 70% of respondents said that selling their home is stressful or very stressful. The biggest stressors were “having strangers in the home for open houses/showings.” Looking to sell your house fast for cash? We beat the other guys’ offers learn more

Here’s the pitch

It is not surprising that more than 80 percent responded positively to a generic iBuyer pitch promoting a quick sale with no showings, open houses, and fees comparable to selling with a realtor.

Their top reasons for responding? They preferred the certainty of a cash deal to uncertainty, while 41% wanted to avoid the hassle and time of dealing with an agent.

So what’s the catch?

55 percent of respondents who were not open to the convenience and cash offered by an iBuying system said that they didn’t believe it was possible and believed there must be a catch.

The truth is that there isn’t.

Selling House’s EXPRESS iBuying system delivers what respondents to surveys and increasing numbers of home sellers want – an easier, less stressful experience that gives them more control, certainty, and control over their sale. Sellers don’t have to worry about stranger danger or the disruption to their daily lives that open houses and showings can cause. They also get a cash offer within 24 hours. Sellers can choose their closing date, which they can alter if necessary, and can also take advantage of our Extended Stay options to avoid the rush and stress of closing and moving the same day. When you are ready, we’ll even move your belongings for you at no cost!

Selling House is a great option for those who are looking to sell their home but don’t want to give up on the possibility of a quick cash sale. Working with local real estate solutions experts in your area, you can use our powerful Selling House FLEX service to reduce stress about listing. We offer free cleaning services and home improvements if needed to maximize the value of your home. And professional marketing expertise to help you bring more buyers to your doors. All this is backed up with a EXPRESScash deal in your pocket.



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